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Our experience as Guyana’s leading renewable energy generator began in 2015

Skeldon Energy Incorporated (SEI) was created as a special purpose company to own, operate as an energy services business (Independent Power Producer (IPP)), and to acquire, stabilize, develop and expand the energy assets of GuySuCo in the most efficient manner.

The intention is to free GuySuCo from the management of the energy assets so that they could dedicate their management time and energy to the core business of making sugar. The intended participation of GPL in the ownership structure was done with the understanding that such participation was not intended to overshadow or extinguish the specific role of IPP stipulated in the ESRA as provisioned in the Laws of Guyana.

Recognizing the decline in the sugar factory and the generation assets it was deemed vital to remove the energy assets from the control of GuySuco in order to realize the potential financial and non-financial benefits that the project offers.

Skeldon Energy Incorporated (SEI) is an Independent Power Producer (IPP) which was incorporated in February, 2015, to purchase, own and operate the hitherto GuySuCo Skeldon energy assets. Agreement was hurriedly concluded and the business became operational on 01 April, 2015, under new ownership. The total installed capacity of the installation is 40MW of power and approximately 40MW of heat (steam) energy, combined.

Latest News

News and details about the events, community outreach, site visits and our media communication work that took place since our inception.

New Board of Directors on ‘Fam Visit’ to Co-Gen Power Plant

April 26th, 2017|

THE newly appointed Board of Directors of Skeldon Energy Inc. (SEI) held its first meeting on Tuesday last at the Skeldon co-generation plant, at 10:00 hrs. This occasion which was deemed a ‘Visit of Familiarisation’ included first-hand updates